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What is CreateSC?​

CreateSC is a student-run, 24-hour UI/UX designathon offered for all United States university students. Competitors, in teams of three, will work to create a mobile application and solve a design challenge provided by Innovative Design at USC, guided by an Adobe XD workshop and the help of experienced mentors. ​

This designathon is open to all skill levels, and we encourage students of all academic backgrounds to participate. If you are looking to break into the design community, or build your portfolio, this is the event for you! 


Prepare a team of 2-3 people, or form one with our Facebook group! Ideate based on the prompt.

Use your teamwork, creativity, and Adobe XD to build a solution and slide deck within 24 hours.

Submit your work! The top 8 teams will present live, in front of 3 distinguished judges.

Chatpod: Welcome

Meet The Chatpod Team

professional portrait of Christina

Christina Maury

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Designer & Researcher

Ria Dhulekar

Ria Dhulekar

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Designer & Researcher

The Challenge



The pandmeic has changed the way we communicate across all industries. With stay at home orders enforced over the last year, there is no doubt that safety is our number one priority. As a result, the way we socially interact with one another has taken a new form.

Though we desire to return back to normalcy - large events, concerts, minimal separation - how much of that is possible in the new future and to what extent? As people look towards rekindling social interaction, the struggle against public safety will continue to hover above them. How might we imagine future events and new ways to stay connected with others while abiding by social distancing standards?



Design a mobile app that enables users to build and maintain a sense of community with one another through digital events.

For example, a platform that matches individuals that play video games with one another in order to help users find new friends to play with or an app that connects friends over shared musical interests and allows them to attend virtual concerts together.

Chatpod logo

How Might We...

...connect students with others, while maintaining social distancing regulations?

Social Distance
Computer Class

Long Term Goals

1. How can we create a sense of community, while still promoting social distancing?

2. How can we meet new people with the same interests as us in a digital setting?

3. How can we generate direct access to individuals, as well as groups?


Solutions & Research

Prototype Designer
Improv Group


Are students suffering socially due to isolation?  

• “The pandemic is triggering a loneliness epidemic...Research suggests feelings of social isolation are on the rise and that those hardest hit are older teens and young adults.”

• “36% of respondents to a national survey of approximately 950 Americans reported feeling lonely “frequently” or “almost all the time or all the time” in the prior four weeks, compared with 25 percent who recalled experiencing serious issues in the two months prior to the pandemic.”

• “If every person who’s in pretty good shape can make a commitment to reaching out to one person they are concerned might be lonely once a week, that would be a good thing.”

— Richard Weissbourd, psychologist 

Harvard Health & Medicine 

Improv Group


I created a vector logo that includes a peapod with two of the peas attached as headphones.


We also came up with a color scheme that included four basic colors; two shades of green, maroon, and navy blue.

I choose a san-serif font named Comfortaa. I liked the flow of the letters, which are shaped to mimic the flow of the logo.

Improv Group

User Flow


• Sign-up / Login

• Choose interests & major

• Create Profile


• Filter search

• Discover groups


• Profile picture

• Bio

• Major & interests icons



• Search

• Create

• My Groups



• Group chats

• Direct messages


• Create a room

• Join a room

Mother and Daughter
Improv Group
Designing an Application


• Filter option for majors or other interests, for example, computer science major interested in reading sci-fi books or economics major interested in design or biology major who enjoys video games.

Create community:

• Ability to create groups and request to join an existing group.

• Connect with people individually.

• Search option with a filter to look for people to connect with.

Meet new people:

• Join in on audio calls about your interests and view others in the rooms' profiles.

• App can group you with people who are the most similar to you/matchmaking (this is done in the onboarding process).

Audio chat/ DM feature:

• If two people have been connected they can DM or audio chat.

• Create rooms to host audio chats in.





Since we only had 24 hrs before submitting our project, we spent the majority of the time prototyping. We used Adobe XD as they were the ones who were sponsoring Create SD. I really appreciated working with another program, since I mostly use Figma.

Throughout the project, we ran several trial runs to ensure that the prototype was in working order and that the tasks aligned with our goals and challenges.

User Testing

User Testing

Mother and Child
Improv Group
Person Participating in Video Call


1.  Now that you have signed up, you'd like to create a new chat room for your HIST 201 review session. How would you go about this?

2. Now that you have a study group, you'd like to request to connect with a new person. How would you go about this?

3. Now that you have a study group, you'd like to message Lilia directly about the upcoming mid-term. How would you go about this?

Feedback & Insights

Application Design

Results & Reflection

Although we did not place in the competition, I was grateful to work with my partner with such a challenging time constraint.


I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I was glad to be able to work in a new program. I think Ria and I learned a lot from each other and with both of our unique perspectives, were able to create something unique for students at hand.



Designer On Computer
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